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Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to enhance the economic growth of Campbelltown by focusing on education, promotion and development of the business community.

Mission Statement

Become part of the collective voice of Campbelltown Chamber. As a group our ideas and concerns will be heard and acted upon by key decision makers at all levels of government.


Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce

To assist in building relationships between our members Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce offers a Dinner meeting held the 3rd Wednesday night of each month.


Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce

The Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce is a business focused group who meet once a month at a various venues around the Campbelltown area. The Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1949. We meet on 3rd Wednesday evening of each month and provide local business fantastic opportunities to meet other businesses, create valuable networks, see some amazing presentations and be part of the Campbelltown business community.

At our meetings we encourage as much networking as possible to let all members and guests meet and get to know other businesses in the room.

The Story of Campelltown Chamber of Commerce

Chambers encourage businesses to be active and engaged in the local community. Participating in community events and charitable activities can enhance a company's reputation and build goodwill.


Being a member of a Chamber of Commerce can enhance a business's credibility and visibility within the community. Customers often trust and prefer to do business with companies that are affiliated with reputable organizations like the chamber.


Chambers of Commerce provide numerous networking events, such as monthly dinner meetings, seminars, and workshops. These events allow business owners to connect with other local professionals, potential clients, and partners. Building strong relationships can lead to collaboration and growth opportunities.


Chambers facilitate collaboration between businesses, enabling them to work together on common projects, share resources, and tap into each other's expertise.


During challenging times, such as economic downturns or crises, Chambers often provide support and resources to help businesses navigate difficulties.


What does a Chamber of Commerce offer businesses?

Why Campbelltown Chamber?

Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce


Every company needs a strong business partner - someone who can help you to EXPAND your customer base, PROMOTE your business and SHARE knowledge and expertise.


We advocate for local businesses at the municipal, state, and federal levels of government. They can influence policies and regulations that impact businesses, helping to create a more favorable business environment.

Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce


We support business growth by offering mentoring programs, business development advice, workshops and access to Guest Speakers to enhance  and expand your business knowledge.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our members.

Great Support to local businesses within Macarthur.

John Horosko

Amazing People, Wealth of Knowledge and Supportive Ideas.

Robert Bowler

Full of passionate local businesses who love giving back to Macarthur and support the growth and future of all those who share the passion.

Love being part of this awesome group of businesses.

Gotta love Macarthur....

Maurice Del Santo

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